The Story Behind the Music with Big3z.

Big3z Productions is an American music production company providing high quality and unique sound for the masses. In addition to sound engineering, professional mixing, and unique instrumental beats, Big3z supplies the Raleigh Area with professional DJ (disc jockey) solutions. Services include but aren’t limited to: corporate gatherings, sweet 16 and quinceaneras, birthdays, celebratory events, tailgating, house parties, and more! The company’s dedication to quality, unique, and amplifying sound has generated a buzz within the Raleigh community – enabling the company to expand on its production capabilities. Submit a contact form for more information on the vibe that Big3z produces.


Understanding the Artist Behind Big3z Productions.

  • By the age of 8, Big3z knew that music would be his first love.

    Music has always been his passion as he spent countless hours studying the rhythm of his drum set or attempting to mimic the epic beats of artists such as Jay-Z, Big Pun, and Nas. Growing up, Ed knew his love for sound production was going to lead him to bigger and better things.

  • Growing up on the East Coast, in New York City..

    Big3z reminisces about times of ambition, focus, and determination. Not long after he began to walk, he was generating beat coordination by learning how to play the drums. As a young artist, his interest in digital technology allowed him to quickly learn how to utilize computers for his craft. Once he became immersed, music production became second nature to him. Soon after, his production style gained traction and he began investing his time in perfecting mixology by remixing trending songs. This is where he started to express himself as DJ.

  • While DJing for parties and other local events..

    Big3z realized he’d developed a love for musical inspiration. His ability to generate laughter, enjoyment, and rhythm motivates him to continue to improve as an artist and creative professional. Now, he’s able to pour that love into client satisfaction through quality sound production.

What Sets Big3z Apart in the Industry?

For over 10 years now, Mr. Lopez has been producing music as a professional developer, mixer, and DJ – and he doesn’t plan on looking back. What began as a part time hobby has now turned into a business that he enjoys on a daily basis..